Tuesday, 31 July 2018

This is what the next iPhone could look like

Several dummy units of future iPhone models have leaked over the weekend. It gives a good idea of what you should expect to see in September when Apple  introduces the next iPhone.
Most likely, the iPhones in these photos aren’t actual iPhones. They are just dummy units. Every year, a few manufacturers create objects that look exactly like future iPhones.
They are based on leaked design schematics and usually look just like the real thing. Case manufacturers and other accessory makers buy those dummy units to get ready before Apple’s announcement.
Ben Geskin shared photos of two different phones — a bigger iPhone X and a new iPhone that looks a bit like the iPhone X but with a single camera lens. These devices line up with previous rumors.
As you can see, the bigger device looks just like the existing iPhone X, but bigger. It’s a 6.5-inch second-gen iPhone X Plus. It has two cameras at the back and the familiar notch at the top of the display.
According to rumors, the second-gen iPhone X Plus could cost $999, or the same price as the iPhone X today. Apple could also update the regular 5.8-inch iPhone X with better components and a lower price — $899.
But what about that mysterious 6.1-inch iPhone?
Apple wants to offer a more affordable iPhone with a notch for $700. Unlike the second-gen iPhone X and iPhone X Plus, this new iPhone could feature a slightly bigger bezel and an LCD display. OLED is still much more expensive than LCD, so it’s hard to roll it out across the entire lineup.
Apple could also put a single camera at the back of the device and use aluminum instead of stainless steel on the borders. Dimitri12 also shared photos of dummy units on Slashleaks that look like Geskin’s dummies:
When it comes to colors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that the cheaper model should come in many different colors — grey, white, blue, red and orange. The second-gen iPhone X and iPhone X Plus should come in black, white and gold.
Apple is expected to announce new iPhones in early September. So you should take those dummy units with a grain of salt.

source: techcrunch

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Psychology Of Happiness August 8, 2017 Written by Cody Gough

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pic credits:pixabay
Executive coach and happiness expert Stella Grizont explains exactly how happiness works, why it matters, and the steps a person can take to find it. Grizont was one of the first graduate students in the world to receive a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.
From speaking to consulting to coaching, Grizont designs immersive learning experiences for organizations like Google, Johnson & Johnson, and Columbia University. She has also coached more than 1,300 high performers in 17 countries, with a focus on working with executives to achieve greater impact, meaning, and satisfaction at work. Stream or download the podcast using the player below or find the episode everywhere podcasts are found, including iTunesStitcher, and Gretta.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Positive psychology coach and speaker Stella Grizont discussed:
  • The difference between positive psychology and traditional psychology.
  • How and why she developed The Work Happiness Method™, and how it differs from the approaches of other life coaches.
  • Why the U.S. rarely appears on lists of the world's happiest nations, and how Americans can adjust their priorities to become happier people.
  • PERMA, the five pillars that contribute to a sense of aliveness and flourishing, according to the theory of well being in applied positive psychology.
  • How the human body responds physiologically to feelings like loneliness and love.
  • The psychological effects of complaining, and how to do it properly.
  • Questions you can ask yourself in order to identify the specific causes for the problems in your life, and how you can adjust your everyday habits to resolve them.
  • The evolutionary fear of awkward moments and the importance of play.
Listen to the full episode to hear her explain why "being happy isn't just about feeling good – it's also about doing good." Click here to follow along with a written transcript of this episode (and share clips with your friends).
Stella Grizont, Positive Psychology Expert

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